Garnis Suciati Sukanda  22210955
Nuryana                        25210226
Shinta Nur Amalia          26210523
Conversation Task
*conversation on the phone*
Yana     : Good morning, Marks & Spencer clothing. Can i help you?
Shinta   : Yes sure. I’m from Hyundai Store. I was looking over your website and found many new
            style for summer season. I’d like to order some of them.
Yana     : oh which one do you wanna order?
Shinta   : I’d love that denim jeans for boys and girls, bermuda boys shirts colored blue and grey,
            polo shirts for girls colored pink and white, shorts colored red, yellow and orange for girls,
            and flipflop sandals.
Yana     : What about the size?
Shinta   : For jeans and shorts, I want size 26 – 33 for girls and 29 – 36 for boys. For shirts are all size
            and sandals size 36-40 for girls, size 38 – 42 for boys.
Yana     : How much do you want to order?
Shinta   : I wanna order three dozens of all items.
Yana     : So, when do you wanna see the samples?
Shinta   : Can I see it tomorrrow afternoon?
Yana     : Yes you can on 2 pm. You can meet Ms.Garnis, she will show you the samples.
Shinta   : Ok thank you.
Yana     : You’re welcome.
*Ms. Shinta meet up with Ms. Garnis*
Shinta   : Good afternoon, can I meet Ms.Garnis?
Garnis   : Oh I’m Ms.Garnis. Are you Ms. Shinta from Hyundai Store?
Shinta   : Yes, I am. So can you show me the samples?
Garnis   : Ofcourse, please follow me to the storage room.
Shinta   : Alright!
*At the storage room*
Garnis   : So these are all of the samples from items you ordered yesterday.
Shinta   : Well, these are all great. So how much i have to pay?
Garnis   : Let’s check it out on my office.
Shinta   : Alright!
*On Ms.Garnis’ office”
Garnis   : Three doze for every item you pay, the total price is Rp 250.000.000
Shinta   : Ok, I’ll prepare everything and send the money to the office’s bank account.
Garnis   : Well, this is the payment form. Would you fill the blank and sign the paper?
Shinta   : Ofcourse!
*After signing contract*
Shinta   : Here I’ve completed the contract, I’ll transfer the money two days after tomorrow.
Garnis   : Thank you Ms. Shinta, nice to work with you.
Shinta   : Nice to work with you too.
Garnis   : Hope we can have another project in the future.
Shinta   : I hope so, bye.
Garnis   : Bye.
*Three days later*
*conversation on the phone*
Yana     : Good morning, Marks & Spencer clothing. Can I help you?
Shinta   : Oh, this is Ms. Shinta. I’ve transferred some amounts for my order. Would you check it?
Yana     : Wait a minute, from Hyundai Store?
Shinta   : Yes.
Yana     : Oh your payment is already accepted here. All cost Rp 250.000.000
Shinta   : Ok thank you. When you will send the items?
Yana     : I’ll send the stuffs by the afternoon and arrive on your storage about two days later.
Shinta   : Ok thank you.
*In the afternoon*
Yana     : Ms. Garnis, would you please send all these stuffs to Hyundai Store?
Garnis   : Alright, I’ll send it to Hyundai Store this afternoon.
Yana     : Make sure all these packages already wrapped well and the amount of the items is same as
            they ordered.
Garnis   : Alright, Ms. Yana. I’ll make everything well as it ordered.
Yana     : Thanks for your work.

Garnis   : My pleasure.